Garglinks 9/29/2010!

In an effort to get me to stop sending pictures of weird shit to the staff e-mail list, the management has begun requiring me to make posts with "substance and character" about the dumb shit I find on my lunch hour at work. Join me on a journey to determine if there is anything worth sharing on the internet that doesn't involve a lot of fluids.

1) Zladko Vladcik is The Gargoyle's Mozart:

"Hot disco rhythms with cold war rhetoric" is all that needs to be said to describe Zladko's (mostly) fictional and entirely amazing ascent to stardom. One of perhaps two videos on youtube that any e-hipster can tolerate. Zlad's incisive and inflammatory aural assault on his listeners is entirely staged, but we at the Gargoyle don't think that should invalidate the socio-political commentary contained within! 

Of course, the Gargoyle is usually fairly apolitical, so we have to admit that our personal favorite of Zlad's (also known as his only other video) is the video in which he totally rocks out while claiming to be the anti-pope.
2) Relating to the care of small animals:

I have no fucking idea what to say about this. I suppose that this applies to other animals in theory, but I am neither a veterinarian or a crazy old lady rubbing the hell out of one of the creepiest animals in existence. Or maybe I just don't like possums. Probably even better than the video is this lady's website.  Spend five minutes and explore the inner workings of one of society's most misunderstood geniuses.

3) This is just a really well done video that shouldn't disappoint you:

I don't have much to say about this besides the fact that it is just a totally bitchin' parody of a current movie and I don't fucking know just click the link man. 


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