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MLEAN: The Newest in the University's Response To COVID-19

By Stefan Grueneis

To All Members of the Campus Community:

Over the past week, there have been increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in our region throughout the state and in most parts of the country. This remains a concern for all of us, as the higher levels of virus activity are not limited to campus. Wherever we live and work, it’s important to follow public health guidelines: wear your face coverings, keep gatherings small, wash your hands, and continue to stay in place if you’re an undergraduate living on or near our campus.

Because of the increasing amount of cases, we are on track to fill our quarantine housing within a week. As a result, we are implementing a new program called MLEAN. Right now, the University will start building lean-to’s for infected students all across campus. All construction and budget resources will be reallocated for the quick construction of 2,000 lean-tos.

Most units will be located near the Diag. There will also be units available on North Campus. In addition, we are also introducing the MLEAN app, which is now available on all smart cellular devices. The app enables you to easily register for a lean-to if you get a positive COVID test result. The application also allows you to file complaints regarding your neighbors and your suggestions on how we can improve this developing system.

We will be taking questions about this program at our Zoom Briefing Meeting this Friday. You may view updates on the MLEAN dashboard or on the MLEAN app. We are in on the long haul, but our determination and survival skills are what makes us “The Leaders and Best.”


Mark Schlissel

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