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Follow these steps to join the Gargoyle Staff of 2023-2024! We are thrilled to have you, whether your talents are in the arts, writing, design, business, or all things humorous! There are staff openings for writers, artists, designers, and businesses.

1. Fill the Interest Form

2. Join the Discord


Click the image above or go to

Make sure you agree to the rules, grab some roles, and introduce yourself there!

3. Read our material!

Get familiar with our material! This will help you understand the sort of humor we work with, as well as the quality we aim for. Not to mention, they provide wonderful entertainment.

Two ways to view our content:

  1. Read FULL ISSUES through the Full Issue page. All issues are pdf files.

  2. Read snippets of issues through the Read page

4. Check your email!

Much of our communication happens through Discord and email. Our mass meeting will be held in our office Tuesday, September 5th, 2023 at 6 PM. Be there to receive details about our publishing process!

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