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Getting Ready

by Chris Hanlon

She takes her time when it’s time to get ready

Much to the annoyance of her boyfriend Fredy

He has been ready since 2 o’clock

He has tied his shoes and ironed his socks

Melisa on the other hand is taking a while

To perfect her look and broom her smile

She must smell nice and sweet

And her skin must look good even on her feet

She sits in front of a mirror, painting her face

And outside the door Fredy continues to pace

She knows that her boyfriend is unable to wait

Relax, I am taking a while because I want to look great

I am a girl, this is what girls do

Now please fetch my dress and my brand new shoes

He stomped his feet his face red with anger

And he grabbed the heels and the dress from the hanger

You have thirty minutes before I walk out the door!

I do not care if you think you look like a whore

I have been itching all day to go to this ball

I cannot delay any longer, I might punch a wall

Hush Fred, I’ll be ready soon

I just can't decide between pink lipstick or maroon

So the time finally came when the couple were ready

Melisa looked lovely and Fredy looked like normal Fredy

He started the car and the couple got on their way

As the sun began to set, night creeping over day

This party will be fun, I cannot wait to dance

Both of them looked forward to a night of romance

But halfway there, a problem was detected

Fredy tasted a taste in his mouth that tasted infected

He turned around the car and they headed back to their estate

Even though they were already ten minutes late

Melisa asked Fred what he was hiding underneath

I am sorry Melisa but I forgot to brush my teeth

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