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Rolling in the next era of fashion: What will my wardrobe be post-apocalypse?

An apocalypse is a time of both whimsy and woe; as the toxic fumes fill your mind with magical little creatures, they also fill your body with radiation poisoning. This may cause a drastic change in your daily life, but the question of “what would I look cute in today?” will forever plague us all. For most, a hazmat suit may be the cop-out answer, but we at the Gargoyle advise you to follow your heart, and “just roll with it.” What exactly does this mean? Simple: wheels.

You may be thinking, “oh like Mad-Max type shit, like if orcs drove NASCAR and also went to Skrillex concerts?” No. We mean REAL wheels: rollerblades, Heelys™, car tires, wheelbarrows, etc. Why? Simple: mobility. The apocalypse is a lawless realm, and you need to be prepared to say an Irish goodbye at any place and any time; as well as to do it fast as fuck. Strap on any wheels you can find, (we even recommend carving out your chest cavity and putting some sort of axle with a wheel in it, this is so you can scoot around real nice). Besides wheels, be naked always. It’s spooky (fear is a tool, use it), sexy, and aerodynamic. Don’t wear a helmet (turn-off), but DO wear a ball gag. Carry lots of lube for your chest wheel and fetishwear alike. If you’re doing it right, you should feel like you’re turning into a fine-tuned, wheel-based fuck weapon; best to stay greased up.

Fashionistas of the past were tasked with paving the future of style, but the fashionista of the future is at the forefront of the final phase of human evolution. We will not rest till the next generation of babies is born with wheels on their feet, hands, and assholes. The closer you can get to being a real-life Optimus Prime, the better. You CANNOT reinvent the wheel, but you CAN reinvent yourself.

By Sam Adkins

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