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The Walk of Jays

An Ode to Jaywalking

By Nicholas Dibagia

So sweet is the walk of the jay,

Saccharine but I, irresisting, canst avoid

To maketh thee driving, late, yay.

Thus, I stepeth out and taste the schadenfreude

A curse upon ye, a pox

I darest thou to clip me from mine box

A leisurely stroll, across the thoroughfare

How serious is it, yet I depart without a care

Oh, 1992 Camry, how speedily you move

How rusty and maroon are your lights

Rushing closer, how it doth me behoove,

To exit the roadway, to call off my flight

If I might desist?

To the driver, the traffic, delight

Nay, I cannot resist.

Athwart the road, the time beeth right

A terrible cycle true,

With such a choice to do.

Make one step in or out,

Lest thou in the street flap as if a trout

Bugger the traffic,

Bugger that central white graphic

Let me ford the crossing where I may,

For this is the way of the walker jay.

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