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Yeehaw! This Western Town Decided To Create A Modern Caste System

By Brendan Dewley

Yeehaw! You got that right, partner! This southern town boilin’ in the swelterin’ heat of the New Mexico desert just up and made their own caste system! It’s one that we could use here at any old fine town in the US of A!

The entire population of the town just fits into a hoohah-simple tier system, made up of an untouchable group at the bottom down yonder(for cleaning and bathing the higher members of the system) to the suits and merchants at the top, who bring money and riches into the town!

Y’all don’t understand it? Well, bless your pea-pickin’ little hearts.

See, this town needs hard workin’ folk to run the place. Folks that’ll keep everything a smooth sailin’. That’s where the untouchables come in. They do all the work to keep this place goin’, makin’ sure ain’t nobody out there trying to poison the water hole!

If any of the untouchables try to poison the water hole...we’ll, let’s just say these folks’ll paint the town red.

Next up, this lil’ ol’ town went and made a class jus a lil’ higher than before, and this one’ll do the grunt work. More than cleanin’, these folk’ll do all the mining and heavy liftin’ to make the town run.

After that, we got the gun-slingin’, law abidin’ folk that gather in the town saloon. These men are keepin’ an eye out for any damn vigilantes, ready to shoot up that next criminal that a comes sneering around town. They’re full’a whiskey and racist preconceptions about any town foreigners, so they’ll enforce the town’s racist idealogies and make sure this little settlement stays a sundown town, of course!

And finally, we got the most big-hearted folk, the wealthy aristocrats who keep the whole place in line. These folk is fat as a tick and ready to trickle down all those plentiful gems from the mine to the townsfolk, according to their caste level of course!

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