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Letter to the Readers

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Dear readers,

We would like to take this space to share a new development at the Gargoyle. Although we get numerous article submissions every semester from complete strangers from around the world, we have never, in truth, received a letter to the editor from anyone, student or not. This changed in the Fall of 2018, when we received the below message from a man who only identified himself as "Likhan Sobscraip". While we have reason to believe that this is a pseudonym, it is a fitting enough name that we will continue refer to him as such. Likhan emailed us a fascinatingly unintelligible letter intended for the editor and insisted in no unclear terms that we publish it. Shocked and delighted, we immediately agreed to do so. But before we sent out that acceptance email, we took pause. Who was this person? Why did he want this so bad? It felt as though something was happening right under our noses, so we threw Likhan a curveball to see if his facade would buckle under scrutiny: we added a few conditions to the acceptance.

More details of this correspondence and the fruits that it bore will be revealed in the next issue. But for now, enjoy the first email in the Saga of Likhan:

Sincerely Mr. Gargmail,

I am very excited and surprised when discovering your publication is a feature on the humorous list to my local website. Not often we can read American magazines here. I found the article laughter and delightful and many of them even gave me a lot of laughs. I was so excite to find place of your magazine with a letter to editor. I thought “If I send a letter to the editor, and they print it out, I’m very famous and even in my village will be celebrate.” Will write and have a humble little of me; I told everyone with my friends and he told me that it was quite good if I said it myself. So here's a joke:

"knock Knock,"

"who have?"


"Who's Pablo?"

"Pablo, can you go?"

Two firefighters were walking down the street and one person said to the other, "Your shoelace" to look at. But it was a fire.

I hope you like my jokes and they may be for you and your readers to laugh a lot.


Likhan Sobscraip

ชপছжאַנ مشترکഷ്പ്പെ購読

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